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Insomnia, cruel and merciless.

Recognize Yourself?

Morning, it’s time to get up and go to work. You slept badly again or didn’t sleep at all:

10.30 pm – you went to bed and turned the TV on

1.00 pm – turned the TV off and closed your eyes

Thoughts, fears, memories…

12.30 am – your eyes couldn’t be more open; you took your phone to check what’s on social media

1.30 am – you put your phone down and closed your eyes

“It’s THE report submission tomorrow.”, “Did I close the front door?”, “My car broke down and it’s two weeks till the payday”.

3.00 – 4.30 am – broken sleep with disturbing dreams

4.30 am – you woke up and took the phone, “Please, don’t be 6:30 am”

4.30 – 6.30 am – light sleep with 5 awakenings and 1 visit to the bathroom

6.30 – alarm

Another sleepless night: dark circles under the eyes, a heavy head and fatigue. “It’s OK,” you think, “four double espressos will fix it.” Having drunk two coffee at home, you slam the front door and run out into the staircase. In your head, you already dream of coming back home and going to bed. When approaching work, you suddenly remember that you forgot the keys to the house, hmm, inside the house. "Excellent ... I have to go pick up spare keys from a friend after work."

All day of being tired - your brain treacherously refuses to work, and the body does not listen to you at all.

Insomnia in numbers.

Our imaginary (not) character had a 3.5-hour sleep with 9 awakenings.

Experts are concerned by the fact that the average duration of sleep of an adult is sharply reduced to 6 hours, when the norm is from 7 to 9 hours. Healthy sleep is measured not only by its duration, but also by quality. If a person falls asleep within 30 minutes and wakes up no more than 1 time per night, falling asleep within 20 minutes after that, then sleep is considered to be of high quality. One study concluded that 17.2% of the 20,359 respondents in Russia found it difficult to fall asleep, while 13.6% had difficulty maintaining sleep.

The terrible reality of modern fast-paced life.

Improving sleep in "Antarius" recreation hotel.

There are many different ways to improve sleep, and here is one of them.

Body temperature is an important regulator of the human circadian cycle (sleep and wake cycle). Your body temperature rises slightly in the afternoon and begins to drop an hour before the time when you usually go to bed. During sleep, the body temperature is the lowest, and by morning it begins to rise and wakes you up like a biological alarm clock.

Scientists have found that taking baths with water temperatures from 40C to 43C 1-2 hours before sleep improves blood circulation from the center of the body to the extremities, which helps the body lower its temperature quickly and efficiently and prepare itself for sleep.

Are you tired? Can't get enough sleep? Visit us! Book a room or a cottage, spend a day in the fresh air, and come lie down in a warm thermal pool in the evening. A healthy eight-hour sleep is guaranteed.


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